Level-skipping shortcut in Ball Race Paradise course, stage 4

As made apparent by the appearing-walls around the starting area of the first level, level-skipping shortcuts aren’t really encouraged. There is a big shortcut on stage 4 o the Paradise course of Ball Race where the player can use the first ramp to skip about 75% of the level and make it to the final platform. This is obviously not a game-breaking bug or anything but may ruin the spirit of Ball Race (heavy sarcasm) by nearly skipping the entirety of a stage.

Video demonstation of shortcut.

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I wouldn’t really consider this skip a bug. Skips like this have been realized by the developers, and if I recall correctly only one skip in Paradise was fixed, but the rest remained unfixed. This skip doesn’t “ruin the spirit of Ball Race” as the objective is to get to the goal as fast as possible. Either way, it’s up to the developers whether or not they want to fix this skip as well.


You can potentially get less Units from the stage compared to others by doing this.

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Fair enough. I just wanted to make sure this was known just in case, it seems kinda weird to allow most of the stage to be skipped while the others purposely avoid it.

Not currently, as melons don’t award any additional money. Good point, though,