Let us place (limited) items in plaza like back in the days of gmod tower

Currently we can use R/C cars, some equippable milestones and do few other things on plaza. However, if it wouldn’t hit performance too much, we could also be able to place an limited selection of condo-placeable/usable items in plaza such as Turret milestone from Zombie Massacre or an trampoline (I know there’s equipabble version but I mean the item itself). Generally available items that you can buy in any quantity would be limited to being placed 1 per person or some server limit of specific items such as 5 trampolines on the server. Didn’t know where to put it in other suggestions so I just put it there.

I think it’s a pretty valid idea. It would be neat to plonk down a piano and have an impromptu concert with a group, or something like that, more organic “social” interactions in plaza and all.

Do you feel like this could potentially be used to cause grief? Maybe someone uses a giant item to block an entrance to something, or create a ton of noise or particles to lag out the server?

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Permanent items could definitely lead to griefing issues, as back in GMT, people did use the fireworks to block off access to the condo lady. Of course, fireworks could be set to go off automatically so they don’t block things off, but that doesn’t seem like it would work with any of the other items. Bad implementation of this would also open up avenues for exploitation, like blocking off spawn points to prevent players from loading in, or just generally lagging out players, so it’s definitely something that has to be approached with caution.

On another note, fireworks were placeable in the plaza, but that feature got removed because it crashed the server, so there might be some underlying issues with this idea.


Wait that was removed? I thought people just got bored of using the UFO firework to disrupt fishers (that happened so many times to me).

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To solve some of the issues - You could restrict where items can or can’t be placed, such as entrances to building or some paths leading to places and of course player sppawn points or just generally the whole train station area. You could also disable scaling of items in the plaza or keep resetting their scale values once they are changed. And lastly the items that remain unused for an period of time such as 2 to 5 minutes could be automatically stashed back into player’s inventory. And again, mentioned by me in original post limits of placed down items per player, or better yet, per server to avoid performance and/or crashing issues. Keeping all of that in mind it could be pretty neat to have things like that back.

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At least add ability to place alcohol on the bar tables in plaza. It feels ridiculous to come to project 12 bar, buy drinks and then be unable to use them until coming to a distinct part of the game being your condo.
Ontop of that, it also frequently confuses new players who can’t immediately figure out why they can’t do anything with the drinks/food they’ve bought

Plaza should generally regain ability to be more fun with using some of the items but we should definitely learn from the issues this kind of thing posed back in days of GMT if we choose to reimplement it. It does feel a bit dull right now, but it’s only if you are more of a player who spent their fair share of time in Tower Unite already.

Bruh I’d love to be able to set up a studio in the plaza lmao