Let The Virus Hit The Floor

@Spanospy had the idea and I had the time to waste on shitty memes


oh my god why

My life is complete

@donglekumquat should make this the virus theme instead

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just wait til I finish the artwork for it


This my jam

this would sound good in virus

Why is this actually good?


he made it

If only I could use audacity to its full capability. I got the ideas, just not the skill.

Awesome! Did you shout into the mic?

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what the christ am i doing with my life

But damn, this fits so perfectly. The instrumental intitiates drops at the same spots as the singing.

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This is most certainly a High Quality Video Game Rip from Tower Unite. But yeah, the mashup really works here and it is overall well done.

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Nah, I just took that scream from later in the song, and placed it there. There was a surprisingly small amount of editing needed to make this. Once I matched the acapella’s tempo to the song, everything else just synced up perfectly.

I think I really need to get into Audacity and do stuff like this. Once I find out how to, of course.