Less luck-based achievements (When released.)

I know achievements are quite a long way from being implemented, but this is just an idea for when they are.

When I think “Achievement”, I think of something that you have to work for. Most achievements in Gmod Tower were just that, and you’d have to work hours or even days for some. You always had a sense of progress however, and a reward to look forward to when the task was completed.

Back in Gmod Tower, there were a few casino-related achievements, and one for winning several jackpots on the slots. This wasn’t too far-fetched, as the odds to win on the old slots were much more forgiving. Compare this to the astronomically low odds of Wheel of Money in Tower Unite, and here’s the issue.

With most achievements, it’s based on your skill (Get 500 headshots, make 100 hole-in-ones, etc.) and you can realistically do these things given enough time. Gambling is (with the exception of card games) not skill based, however, and so having achievements based on odds is unfair to everyone. You might spend your entire life playing and not get that 1/600,000 chance you needed to earn it, yet everything else is within the realm of possibility.

That’s just my take. I know a lot of people might disagree, but if so, I’d like to hear why.
Here’s hoping to see more skill-based achievements when they’re introduced.

They could just make it so all slot machines count towards the achievement, meaning you could just play on grand quest instead.

Personally, I see achievements as arbitrary reasons to do things you might not normally do. Just because they are arbitrary doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy doing them (and well designed achievements can keep players playing the game longer without resorting to petty grinding). If you’re looking to 100% the games you get, I can see these kinds of achievements being particularly annoying (and, indeed, just because it is an achievement doesn’t make it fun by default). But I don’t try to 100% games, and I don’t think most people do. The average person won’t care if there’s that one achievement they’ll never acquire. I see achievements as a way to get people to branch out and try everything, even if the reason for trying is just to say you got a worthless achievement.

They’re also ways to show off your skill or enjoyment of particular activities. Sure, the “skill” could be as simple as loading into the game for the first time, but it does show that you were willing to go through with whatever conditions the achievement required. Even if it’s based around luck, an achievement earned for getting the jackpot on Wheel of Money is proof that you had the dedication (or luck) to sit at that machine until it finally relented its horde upon you. As for grinding, maybe you just really like playing slots. Getting a bit of recognition for completing your one millionth spin might not prove you’re good at TU, but it does say that the Casino is something you enjoy and are always willing to fire TU up again for.

In the end, I simply don’t think that all achievements have to be feats of skill. Those should definitely be present, but I don’t see the harm in providing goals all across the board. Especially for something as varied as TU, there should always be incentive to not only try the different activities out but to see if you can master them as well. Whether that’s completing the harrowing Midori under a very strict par time or getting lucky at a slot machine, each achievement should guide players to trying to do the things they might overlook otherwise.

Big wall of text aside, I do agree that skill based achievements are much more fun to attempt and luck-based ones simply aren’t nearly as engaging. You suggest more skill-based achievements and less luck-based ones, and I can certainly agree with that. I’m simply stating that luck-based ones do have their place, even if it isn’t as prestigious as skill-based ones.