Lens flare and lighting needs work

I believe the lens flare and lighting on items like candles and neon bars is a bit insane

Don’t get me wrong, i like them but they display way more lens flare than i’ll ever want and not much lighting.


Look at that, that thing is brighter than the sun! and it’s lighting is literally almost comparable to this:

I’m just asking if we can get more light, and less lens flare, i mean if a candle at FULL brightness, barely emits any light, and enough lens flare to blind someone, then…yeah. You guys hopefully catch what i’m saying here, right?


Yeah, the lense flairs are horrendous.

This is the result of me putting neon bars in my pool. They are on the lowest possible brightness.



Yeah, it’s a nightmare when they’re joined together

Tower Unite: Directed by JJ Abrams

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I believe this is not lens flare, but bloom.

Lens flare is the circles you get from looking at the sun from an angle…

…and bloom is a technique used to make bright things look brighter in game, by illuminating pixels around the light source and smoothing them out.

The reason bloom exists is because when you look at a white, full value pixel, it isn’t bright at all and doesn’t make bright things look very bright. Have you ever turned bloom off and looked at the sun in a source game? It’s just a white circle in the sky, not very sun like. But when bloom is added, it makes it look like a light source, radiating light.

Source is really good at showing what bloom is and how it works.

So our problem in this thread isn’t lens flare, or everything would look like the new Star Trek movies. It’s bloom.