Left 4 Dead 2 SDK Map example styleguide_semiurban customized Port

after finishing the mall part of the map for my other conversion project I thought I may as well start working on something smaller as I take a break from that massive project. now, these pictures may not look like much but the collisions take time to get right with this game luckily blender is easy to use (for me at least). oh and the map is the example map included within an installed copy of L4D2.

Ingame Test collisions for Part 1 of the somewhat deformed road surface are as close as i could get to perfect.

What it looks like in blender. Note in order for the collisions to work I had to go into edit mode and select the road surface then do the following: Mesh —> Duplicate then press down arrow key twice then enter to apply. next I just did the slow process of splitting each part into one triangle to get as close to a decent collision mesh as I could.

Secondary Blend file that I have open with the imported vmf from which i copy each model from to the work blend file from there I fix anything that needs fixin. Such as collisions and textures.

The main goal for these types of projects is to kill time but also practice my hand at more complex conversions rather than just single models that I post on the workshop. so I hope this will be more simple than the other one I’m working on but also more performant as this map doesn’t really have that much high poly foliage to speak of.


Also seems like the lighting is a bit better on smooth dirt compared to condo for the look im going for. and also the lighting on condo makes the road surface looks abit weird as it highlights the cuts i made in blender for the collisions to work.

Rain makes it look so moody I love it!

since this is an example map not everything had a texture so I have to make due with what I can find and with what fits. Ill probably make this into a themed condo at some point but i first need to get it finished before i even think about that. parts will be diy and probably from other maps.

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