Left 4 Dead 2 c1m2_streets aka Dead Center Port for TU

Attempting to port c1m2_streets to the best of my abilities and within the tu workshop limits.

currently working on converting all the roadways, fixing and creating custom collisions for em took a few hours but I only got one roadway and the hotel exterior semi-finished a few minutes ago. I don’t know if ill ever finish it or release it as a condo but let’s just hope I do! oh and I’ll post updates here when i complete more of it.

The plugin I used to import a VMF file into blender: https://github.com/lasa01/io_import_vmf
and a tutorial here that i found for those who want to try it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMQt8RHkDzA


Keep working my bud

So far so good “finally got a vertices limit reached” warning from the lil potted plants infrount of the hotel

If only the lighting was more advanced things could be lit better sadly but it is what it is. For now anyways.

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TAAAAANNKK! Shoot it, shoot it!

getting closer and closer to finishing the area in front of the motel. Black wall represents the to-be invisible boarder ye.


Great work!

Very nice, some fast progress there

thanks! only issue im having with is as expected the trees and the ceda tent. getting collisions working right will be a pain

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also Work-in-Progress condo tp area just walk upto the dead center poster and press e to enter the map

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currently butchering the Cedatent to get collisions working correctly and not turning into an unenterable tent. I wish there was a custom collision modifier in the workshop editor so i don’t have to do this

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Tent is in and now enterable now to add a few more things on the motel side of the map before i move onto the freeway!


im already dreading the day i reach the gun store and super market oh boy so many crates will be needed.


ran out of crates and units but for the time being im going to fix any position issues that i may have missed along the way.

This is amazing

Thanks! Working under the 30k vert limit and 10 texture limit per workshop item isn’t that hard just requires lots of crates.

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spawn so far


slowly but surely


might be able to finish the middle part tonight if i get more crates

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