Leaving Tower Unite (forever) for three reasons

Well, I guess I retire myself for playing this with a few following:

  • I can’t make a refund on Steam (don’t ask me why the technical support is sus)
  • I permanently removed your game from my library (because I got bored playing this)
  • I’m requesting for my account deletion (just asking)

Good bye everyone, I’m having so much fun playing this.

I mean, if you’ve played more than 2 hours of a game or bought it over 2 weeks ago, it’s Steam’s policy to not allow refunds. It’d probably have been a wiser choice to just hide it in your library in case you ever wanted to play again but…

…uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay bye have… fun? Good luck doing your Stuff and Things ig



Lol you couldn’t refund the game so you just permanently removed it? Why? What good does that do? Now you’re out a refund AND a game that isn’t hurting anything sitting in your library. GG M8


Not stonks

Probably met a bad person or smt

It kind of frustrates me how you are quitting the game likely because another thread of yours regarding a project got locked. I’m not gonna directly say that’s why you are quitting because I am sure there are many other reasons why you are leaving, as some were stated on this post. I do find it a little… well… ridiculous how you removed the game from your steam library. You could’ve just hid it. Who knows if you wanted to check out the game in the future or not to see what’s changed. Now you can’t. You’d have to spend another $20 on the game. That’s all I have to say. I think this thread should be locked before this gets out of hand.


It’s because of your furry stuff getting closed.
It did seem odd to me that you basically just wanted to ripoff TU’s concepts and call it a new project, and you did not stike me as someone who was enjoying it.

I do hope the best for you. Good luck.


You didn’t give the reasons.