Learning 3D Modelling

I want to start learning 3D Modeling for creating hats for TeamFortress 2 and for and later i want to create Workshopitems for TU. For Textures i will use PhotoShop. But for the modeling choice i need some help.
I found out that AutoDesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max are the best programs.
What program would you rate me? Which one is better for beginners?

I’ve only ever used Maya, and I’m still a noob using it, but compared to a crash course in Blender, Maya was easier. Sorry I can’t be that much more of a help. Perhaps a modeler from Pixeltail can weigh in here.

From my experiences, Maya’s a bit more straightforward than 3ds Max, so it’s a bit easier to use. 3ds Max supposedly has better modeling capabilities, but I haven’t touched Maya in a while so I can’t compare myself. In terms of game engines, Maya has a rigging toolset for UE4 while 3ds Max has an (unofficial) Source engine suite. There’s also Blender (which is entirely free, unlike the rest), but I don’t really like it. I’d say just try out both (student licenses are free) and stick with whichever feels better to you.

I personally use Max for a multitude of reasons (mostly because I am more of a Unity-user). Although from what I seem to see in forums such as FacePunch, Blender is more common within the TF2 modelling community.

Though one thing I tell you, whenever engine you decide to learn, most of them have enough documentation to satisfy your needs. I personally found Maya harder to learn than 3DS Max (and still prefer Max) but it’s really a personal choice of environment.

Blender would be better to learn (than maya and max) for what you’re doing.