Learn from Playstation Home!

Please don’t follow the route PS Home took. For instance 1 thing I didn’t like about Home and I really like about Towers was that you could jump around. Really shrinking, shooting, growing, turning into the balls, or going invisible in a box. Keep it fun and floaty. Don’t keep it on the rails like Home.
Also keep things focused on game modes and then the social aspect secondary. People come for the games and stay for the community.

Don’t fail like Home did!

There were a lot of reasons home failed, but the biggest reason I hear from everyone that has played it is that the micro-transactions were absurd. No micro-transactions and the welcoming community are the two major advantages of Tower Unite.


We’re never going to be limiting stuff like that. It will be more like GMod Tower, not PS Home. I really want to stress that we don’t even consider PS Home in any of what we are doing. We never were inspired by PS Home when we made Tower and it’s not gonna influence what we do for Tower Unite.

Tower Unite will let you jump around, fly with a jetpack, shrink, punch, use the Ball Race ball, and yes we’ll bring back the invisible box. Some of that is already in the game and the trailer.

It will not be on rails. Tower Unite will be crazy just like GMod Tower is.

I personally cannot stand when a virtual world game limits your movement and what you can interact with. If anything, we will be adding more ways to do cool things (like rollerblades and bikes and all that) in the Plaza.


What I wanted to state, shortened into one sentence: If you played GMTower, then we don’t even have to explain you what Tower Unite’s gameplay will be like.

If GMTower didn’t have something restrictive, then Tower Unite would not have it as well.

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Actually we were thinking of removing all controls, you just get to watch. :stuck_out_tongue:


@macdguy Quick question, will there a store just for vehicles (Rollerblades, Bikes, etc)?

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maybe you should put a topic in announcements or something like that
with answers that alot of people have been asking :confused: i never thought of gmod tower as PS Home (because of the fact that i do not have a playstation and have no idea what the PS Home is) but i always think of gmod tower as an original thing and the person who made this topic should already know that the main thing Tower Unite will be is crazyness… but thats what also makes it amazing! it never srays on the rails! for you guys its like it somehow ends up going off the rails hitting a hill bounces up into the sky and then your in space…and then has fireworks coming out of it and a big party happens in space! uhhh… if i can be totally honest i didnt know what i typed halfway though the rails bit XD but just understand that your doing a great job and i hope the indiegogo will succeed! you guys still have 28 days left and your 35% of the way there so i have hope! i can not wait to play tower unite

only if the rails are in space…

Micro transaction price were abusrd.People in the community knew about this problem.OP you do know that ps homes took the concept from second life?

@macdguy i agree .The problem with some gaming developer they don’t listen to the gamer about we hate when developer put limit on the avatar movement and other stuff on virtual world game. I can’t stand it. Some game developer who are making virtual world 3D social gaming on ps4 are doing that and i can’t stand it.

@macdguy PS Home was a commuter train heading from A to B, while Tower Unite will be a bullet train going at the speed of light going round a 90 degree turn, derailing carving straight through the mountain of order and ramping into orbit around the Sun and sling shotting back down to the earth making a vertical tower full of craziness.

Happy with my comparison?

If home didn’t of had the MT, it would have been freaking amazing.

What does MT stand for ?