LC Bots

Not being able to play LC whenever you want sucks. Bots please?

This would take even MORE work, coding when the bots jump, roar, and press the button would be a inhumane waste of time. Just go to the gameworld ports, there are lots of friendly people willing to play with you there.


I’m sure the devs are competent, else they wouldn’t have made their own game. Swatting down suggestions because you think they’d be hard to implement is counterproductive. And from the literal list of 3 items you presented it does not sound like they’d have trouble.

This game is designed to be played with other people. If bots were added, they could very easily be abused to just farm both exp and units - and to be completely honest I can’t really see bots being “smart” enough to know how to effectively hide, distract the dragon and press the button like humans can (no matter how well made they are)

If you’re struggling to find people to play with, ask around in global chat - there’s normally always plenty of people willing to play with you.


I am not “swatting it down” disagreeing with you is not counterproductive, I am simply stating that the developers have other things they need to work on that are higher priority, and that I doubt this would ever become priority in the first place.

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You could say this about literally every remotely controversial suggestion ever. Try it by imagining it would have been the answer to “TU should be playable with VR controls.”

Time away from other developments is never a proper argument to not work on something eventually, once everything of higher priority is shipped.

Alright, fair point, I just find it annoying when people suggest things of this magnitude in early access.

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