Laser Tag HUD Suggestions

I would like to see the laser tag HUD to be scaled down a bit for more visibility of the actual game. It feels a bit too cluttered in its current state in my opinion (though some people also feel the same).

I would also like to move the health and score down to the bottom left as many people are used to looking there for that information in other games (e.g. Counter-Strike, Overwatch, etc).

I know I already made a post regarding the first point, but I felt this deserved its own post in the suggestions category. Thanks for your time.

Edit: For reference, here’s an image of it

The HUD isn’t done. I have reduced the size already and moved the health.

Score isn’t really as important as health. There is a reason why they are in the upper right. There are more elements to add.


Personally I would like the HUD to look less like the virus HUD (not a big fan of the overly used OTT font)