Laser Projector Dot Matrix Display

Inspired by Starcade’s Digital Display for laser projector, I decided to try and make a dot-matrix display for displaying long strings.

The code is pretty ugly, but it can display any length of string as long as it’s made only of the allowed characters.

You can generate your own code to display what you want here.
Scale defines the space between dots. This is like the FOV slider for the laser projector.
Speed defines how long each dot stays lit for. e.g. to move at 20 dots a second, the speed would be 1/20 = 0.05.
Text is the text you want to display.
Paste the generated code into a custom expression set as a 20x20 rectangular grid.

Let me know if there’s any bugs with it or a really important character is missing.


that’s simply amazing.

Between this and your 2D mini-golf you’re a wiz Dan! Keep it up and thanks for the contribution!

Hats off to you Dan, you are a true coding master.

Hey! This is awesome!! Is it possible to change the colors of each text in the code? Thanks!

Thanks. You can currently only change the colour of the entire display using the colour picker in the laser projector.

It should be possible to alter the colour of each character pretty easily. I’ll take a look into adding support for this tomorrow.


Nice! Keep up the great work!

Waiting for “The Bee Movie but it’s entirely on a dot matrix scrolling sign”

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Would it be possible to also change the colour of just the background in that case? Awesome work man, this is really cool :slight_smile:

Colours are here!

You can alter both the text colour and background colour of each letter now. Simply type in your text, click the letter you want to change the colour of, and hit Save Colour. That letter and any unaltered letter after it will be coloured that colour.
There’s also a new “Transparency” field that determines how transparent the lasers that aren’t currently active are, so you can completely remove the background if you so desire.


  • Altering the text on the website will clear all colour data, so make sure your text is correct before altering colours.
  • The colour of the last character in the string is used as the “blank” colour. If you want this to be different, try adding a space at the end of your string and colouring that.

Code link again.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Oh, and make sure to set the colour of your Laser Projector to white for colours to appear properly.


This is awesome! Thanks Dan!!