Large hand/length rig support

An option to scale the hands rig larger to fit the characters huge hands/fingers. Many cartoon characters such as sonic,Disney etc, have huge hands and currently in tower unite they have to be in a fist form or spread out to not look broken when trying to weight paint the hand onto the small hands tower unite currently has.

As for adjustment to the length of the fingers could come in handy for any monster/dinosaur creatures.

So with my lack of knowledge how to edit the rig if I was the developer of tower, would you have to weight paint it on the current hands then in game up scale it, or give us a rig that we can adjust the size of the bones to the player model so its accurate then guessing the size in game?

(Sorry if this has been suggested before)

I’m sure implementing skeletons that support different proportions would be pretty difficult, but I’d love to see this as well.

Also, if anyone has a good guide for adapting characters with shorter proportions to the current TU rig I’d love to see it. Some people do a very impressive job rigging models with proportions similar to Animal Crossing characters. Mine always come out super janky.

i got two tips, actually, from my experience making a model like this not too long ago.

  1. scale the model to match the vertical distance from the neck to the feet. everything else is secondary, and discrepancies between the skeleton and model can usually be shrugged off.

  2. familiarize yourself with the limits of the shoulder width and shoulder placement sliders in the workshop editor. this way you can actually temporarily offset the arms of the skeleton to figure out the necessary adjustments, then do the opposite on the model’s arms, allowing the arms to look actually normal in-game


Thank you for the tips and included images! Super helpful, definitely going to use this for reference in the future!

edit: Also I really like the look of your model!