Landed on Jackpot, got nothing

As tittle says pretty much.
Got to say, I’m kind of sad I didn’t get something I’ve been working on, for about a week ;/

As for details:
Time - today at approximately 7am GMT+0
Server - New York 2
Machine - WoM

Here’s the print screen I took, in case anyone wanna look into why that happened.

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tfw u lose the jackpot


ahahah! ;D

Imagine spending weeks just to get it but not counted

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that’s a bruh moment

Yup… I wonder if any admin can get me the reward or something…

it’s client desync, if you aren’t synced 100% with the server, the results the server have (the true results) and the results the client sees won’t match up.

also, if you want money that badly that for a week on and off you’re gambling with pure luck, you could probably get more faster playing Bowling or solo Zombie Massacre which has a more confirmed payout due to it being influenced by the player.


I doubt it was desync, because I was getting the right amount of credits, If taking into account the places i was landing on.
And yeah, you can make money more efficiently in other machines, or solo zombie, or w/e.
It’s just… When you commit so much, and get jebaited ya know ;p

it’s the wheel that’ll desync more often than the machine itself, they’re different things so it’s not really relevant if you got the right amount of credits from the initial spin of the 3 slots.
basically the initial spin won’t really desync but the wheel is more likely to desync

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