Lag Spikes on wireless?

I got a D-Link wireless adapter and it has a lot of trouble for some reason, and this isn’t the first. I’m being led to believe that either D-Link adapters are terrible, or the default settings are terrible.

I first used this adapter in Windows XP so I know it’s not a Windows 10 problem. At my old place, I was able to switch to Ethernet no problem since I was closer to the router.

But at my new place, I’m not close enough to the router to use Ethernet, so wireless is my only option, and every few seconds, I get a terrible lag spike. How bad is it?

In source engine games (including GMod and GMT), it can teleport me several feet backwards or forwards, depending on what I was doing during the lag spike. Also, anything I try to do during that spike is completely ignored by the server, so I can’t fire guns or press Chimera buttons (and to everyone else, I just continued moving in a straight line).

In Minecraft, it’s so bad that I can’t stay connected to a server for more than 2 minutes. I eventually get a “Timed out” error. It also affects my ability to watch live streams.

How bad are the spikes? Here:

My normal ping hovers around 45ms, which isn’t perfect but it’s not THAT bad. But some of the spikes go above 800ms! Others reach 200-700ms easily.

I’ve seen online that other people with D-Link cards fixed their problem by not using the D-Link wireless manager, but I’m not even using that. Others have said to connect to a network then disable even the Windows ones, as the lag spikes are caused by it scanning for wifi connections. However, on Windows 8 and up, disabling the Windows wifi manager just turns Wifi off completely and disconnects me.

All I want to do is disable whatever is causing the lag spikes as it makes online games completely unplayable. I’d like to be there for a portion of the last day of GMT, at least.


Wireless adapters are pretty much hit or miss; I tried ~5 and all but one of them were pretty unreliable. The one that worked was a Netgear one from 2007 and worked well until it broke due to overheating a week after I tried using it.
Can’t really help you with your particular issue (especially since you didn’t mention what model your adapter is), but if you do have access to your router (distance shouldn’t matter), getting one of these and the starter kit pack would probably be best in your situation. I currently use it and it works great as long as you aren’t running it through a surge protector or something.

It’s a D-Link adapter. I’ve had this same problem with 3 different ones so I’m assuming it’s the same with all of them.