Know Your Tower: Major Organizations

This is a purely educational post about Tower Unite lore that has been “created” by the community since the launch of the game. Feel free to take this as seriously as you want it to be. More details can be added over time.
Also, English is not my first language and the post may not come out as fancy as you would expect

Since the release of Tower Unite, many groups based on ingame items and features have been created. However, experienced players will notice three major organizations that stand out from the bunch:

  • the Catsack Cult
  • the New Moon Order
  • and the Milk Carton Club.

Because these three powerful organizations are in very good terms with one another and their values do not enter in conflict with one another, it is common to see the same people belonging to one or all of these groups.

The Catsack Cult

Description: people worshipping the Catsacks, a peaceful species from another plane of existence that settled a while ago in the Tower. Members of the Catsack Cult are usually seen with Catsack backpacks or any Catsack-related items in their Condos. While they do not explicitly promote their cult, members have been shown to make fanarts of the Catsack species on the forum and gladly accept new recruits.
The cultists value open-mindedness and honesty, referencing to the way a Catsack opens itself to reveal its contents and show its true nature.

The New Moon Order

Description: much like the Catsack Cult, people of the NMO worship the elusive New Moon ( :new_moon_with_face: ). Their members are mostly forum Regulars, and subsequently people who have a significant influence on the Tower by their (overall) thoughtful remarks and suggestions. As such, the New Moon Order values knowledge and reason. People who wish to enter the Order must prove their capacity to contribute to the community for good. When someone successfully passes the tests, New Moon members throw fantastic ceremonies to introduce the new recruit/s.

The Milk Carton Club

Description: unlike the two previous organizations, the MCC does not worship a particular entity. It is visibly the most prominent organization in the Tower due to the members’ very obvious way of showing their bond to the Milk Carton Club: disguising as a Milk Carton. They are mostly seen running around the Plaza, spreading fun and giggles. Members of the Club value self-discovery and “positive recreation” as shown by the meaning of the Milk Carton disguise: rejection of (mostly) negative social stereotypes. Another specific feature in the Club is the establishment of a hierarchy, based on how fast a Milk Carton can “dance”: the faster they can do it, the higher they are in the hierarchy and the more respected they are (although members in the lower part are not disrespected either).


I think I should be part of the catsack cult :stuck_out_tongue:

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Catsack cult, been a while since they last surfaced

The milk cult worships the milk lords themselves

I bask in the glory of the New Moon. May its light shine upon those with the intellect to see its sunlight.

Butt you forgot our glorious :new_moon_with_face:

There is 1 minor orginization, endless tunes weed operations.

Glory to ET ops

No one cares about ET m8.

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what? you you mean permabanning you from a condo because you’re not a milk carton and not unbanning?

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