Knightsend-By-Sea Update (

New Little Crusaders Map: Knightsend-By-Sea

This ye olde oceane side towne has had to cancel festivities after the local dragon ate all the fish. Rude.


  • New Little Crusaders Map: Knightsend-By-Sea
  • Added notifications when the condo saves
  • Added preliminary controller support for Minigolf
  • Added preliminary controller support for Zombie Massacre
  • Implemented better ESC key support for the menu (cancels out of various menus and such)

Bug Fixes

  • Condo: Fixed canvas surfaces not saving
  • Condo: Fixed placing down items not saving properly when you first spawn an item
  • Condo: Fixed canvas scaling not saving properly
  • Fixed Laser Tag player models being invisible
  • Fixed pause menu not always closing with the escape key after clicking on the menu items. Now it’ll always close with escape if it’s open
  • Fixed scoreboard and pause menu for game pads
  • Fixed ready up not working for game pads
  • Fixed sprint and use combined input being blocked

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yay new update woo!

yeah im not creative at all

New Little Crusaders map sense forever

Time to grind the new Little Crusaders map for the rest of the week.


Nice to see that recent users post about ESC key usage and suggestions for fixes was implemented!


It’s always nice to see more people play my favorite gamemode.

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