Knight Idle Sounds

There should be sounds the knights make while you’re idle, like how the pigmasks in UCH would oink sometimes. They could just say “huh hugh!” occasionally, like their taunt sounds.

for the more sneaky players like me, this could actually reveal positions to the dragon if one is hiding around a corner waiting to surprise the dragon.


These sounds wouldn’t play while you’re moving, just when you’re standing still.

yeah but hiding usually involves not moving. and i dont want to have to move around in small circles to avoid revealing my position. taunts are enough imo


i think if they only play when sprinting would be good, and make it so they can only be heard in a relatively close proximity

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While an amusing idea, there’s still one thing to consider, what sort of idle noise would they even make?

Witht he pigmasks, they do those lil oinking noises, but the crusaders are just otherwise ordinary little human knights fighting a dragon with a strange button on it’s back.

The knights grunt when they taunt. They could make that sound when idle.

first of all, nice necro
secondly: they probably arent even human. their helmets are their heads.

Oop, sorry bout the necro, it popped up on me a few times still marked new and I didn’t even look at the date of the last post. D:

just don’t make it hear able by the dragon.

Maybe they could make it so the dragon cannot hear idle sounds?