Kingdom: Improve on design and other items

I remember Sweet Tooth being reworked because some elements of the entire map were difficult, so I was suggesting some changes:
Hole 1: No changes
Hole 2: No changes
Hole 3: Remove the small platform on the hill, making it an actual hill.
Hole 4: Make the down hole a lot bigger, or slow the movement down.
Hole 5: No changes
Hole 6: No changes
Hole 7: Barriers on the side after the half loop
Hole 8: Remove the hole on the hill, and improve on corner collisions.
Hole 9: No changes
Hole 10: Maybe a blocking wall to stop over running the bridge?
Hole 11: No Changes
Hole 12: No Changes
Hole 13: Maybe make it Par 6?
Hole 14: It’s possible to get stuck in the small areas where the geysers are, add a wall to prevent that from happening
Hole 15: A barrier to prevent over shooters near the hole.
Hole 16: Something to prevent being slingshot near the hole.
Hole 17: No changes.
Hole 18: No changes

@Johanna , you’ve made a good map, I think it is good, but also quite challenging. :slight_smile: