King Midas’ Golden Watch plaza adaptations

As some of you know, the King Midas’ Golden Watch is a backer exclusive item that turns items into gold. It would be awesome if the watch could also apply the golden texture to items of clothing and accessories. Picture someone in a full golden suite with a golden top hat and sunglasses running by with a pair of speed shoes throwing money as they whirl around the plaza, it would be magical.

Other things that could become golden could be the lazer tag backpack/gun (It could be a golden trim as to not affect the team colours) A golden race horse at Typing Derby, golden gun at the shooting gallery and, golden bumper cars. (You get the idea, anything the player uses in the plaza would be golden. Bowling is out because there is already a golden ball.)

For the game worlds the same thing can be applied, golden golf balls, golden go-karts, golden guns (virus, pvp, slaughterday nigh live ect) again similar thing to the plaza.

It could be applied the same way you would put on accessories, in the colour picker you have a box that has “make item gold”

This would only apply to people who own the watch. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:
Loving Tower Unite a lot, keep up the great work :smiley:

TLDR: People with Kind Midas watch can turn there cloths, game world models, and plaza minigame items gold.

I don’t even have the watch and I think this would be awesome to see. You have my vote!

No this just gives backers more exclusives

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There’s nothing wrong in a new silly feature. Backers deserve it, without them, we wouldn’t even have the game!


Not really, this only applies for the people who backed $60 or more. The only thing the watch can do at the moment is change condo items into temporary gold. I believe something like this was suggested when the watch was first released, however that was a long time ago and many things have changed since then.

Its not giving the player any more backer exclusive things, its just allowing the backer item be more unique and hold more purpose than what it currently has.

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it is giving backers more exclusive items

And limiting gold items to backers which is unfair

Backers have already gotten all their rewards

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Its not my fault you missed out on backing the game. I’m sorry your jealous.
Here is the kickstarter page
Read it over and learn about what you missed out on <3

Im pretty sure that is only a texture change which will literally be reversed the second the item despawns or say has a built in time that removes the gold effect.

So technically it doesn’t really give you a golden item.

And they haven’t exactly gotten all their rewards just yet, but it’s coming.

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So now your just being a jackass showing me what i missed out on, not going to comment on this thread anymore

We are not going to expand the functionality of the backer item. It would cost us time that we could be spending on the game or other promised backer items.


That makes sense, I’m all for new content. Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

Despite being a backer myself, I’m againts giving us more stuff/ expanding the existing stuff’s functionality. In my eyes, backer rewards are a necessary evil, and seeing people with golden stuff everywhere would be a little too much. IMO, some furniture, accessories and two equipables are enough.