Kickass: The best thing to happen to the internet ever

I have found the best thing on the internet.
Remember the old game asteroids? Well if you haven’t, download an emulator and play it.
I was browsing some JavaScript bookmarklets that you could use.
If you don’t know what a JavaScript bookmarklet is, it basically edits the page; for better or worse.
Anyways, I found an amazing thing called Kickass. Its a recreation of asteroids but instead of destroying asteroids, you destroy whatever page you activated the bookmarklet on.
Whats better, is when you destroy a page, you get XP to level up and get better ships. Also there are highscores for every webpage, so for example, the tower unite forums will have its own leaderboard with whoever got the most points.
Sounds fun, right?
Get it here.
The point of the forum topic is to list your highest score on any webpage and what webpage you destroyed. Happy destroying!

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For example, on this topic page,
I got 8840 points on here.
Thats how the format should look.

Damn, this is pretty fun!