Keyboard key + mouse wheel to scroll through weapons

I think lots of people apart from myself were used to how easily they could scroll through the weapons in Gmod or Half-Life someday, and seeking for the right number on your keyboard every time you need to change your weapon in plaza doesn’t feel as convenient as scrolling. Mouse wheel is currently taken for the camera distance, but something like shift + mouse wheel could easily work I think.

I was just thinking about this as well, I think the best default key would be “ALT + Scroll”.
ALT is less-used than Shift and thus less likely for you to accidentally change weapons.

This would be especially useful in Condo building.


I think ideally this kind of key, as well as key for emotes speed, for example, should be set up in control settings

I would like to have the option to disable the scrolling in and out completely and just use this setup, if it does get implemented. I’m fine using T to toggle third person.

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