Keybind Remake

What We Have

  • Keybindings for Tower. We can edit them as we see fit.

What the Issues Are

  • Editing controls for one game affects all others.
    Try playing Little Crusaders with Virus keybindings. Example: change the reload binding.
  • Only primary bindings exist.

How to Improve

  • Add a keybinding category for each game, so bindings from one game don’t affect another.
  • Add secondary (and tertiary) keybindings.

Secondary and tertiary bindings would be great. In Avalanche I bind interact/use and jump to E to pick up the ball and charge the throw with the same input, but that messes up my binds a bunch because normally when I’m not playing Avalanche I have space bar and scroll wheel both bound to jump, but after changing it to E I have to manually go back into the Input.ini file and change it every time and add


because one of them will get undone and I’m unable to double bind in the menu. Being able to double, or even triple bind, would be greatly appreciated. Gamemode specific controls would also be neat, one that I can think of is because I have jump bound to scroll wheel I can’t use it to change weapons in things like SDNL and Virus where they have weapon selection based off scroll wheel.

Having game world specific controls can also probably make it easier for new players to see what different inputs do in different modes at a glance.