Keybind nametag visibility (and other toggles)

A lot of you probably played the 4.20 beta, or at the very least read the trello or patch notes. For anyone who doesn’t know, the next update aims to make nametags more pleasing and visible. Problem was they were damn near omnipresent. In response to this, toggles were added in the settings to control various visibility options:

More options are almost always good, but having to press esc, open settings, recall which submenu to go to, then find and chang an options is a pain in the ass, especially when its something you may change frequently.

I feel like this is a bloated approach to a problem that has long been solved by most MMOs. That is keybinding. Every MMO I’ve ever touch had a key that cycles what information to display over player character’s heads, usually in a format like…
Display Name —> Name + Clan —> Display Nothing
imageimage image
Sometimes theres other stuff like your character level or special statuses.

For TU, it could be something like…
Display Name —> Name + Steam Avatar —> Name + Current activity badge level —> Display Nothing

Or, hell, just simply a key that’s ON & OFF would be an improvement. Simple and elegant

And this isn’t the only toggle I feel this way about either. The HUD displays toggles are even more exhausting to flip around.

If you want to quickly change the visibility, you can also use the scoreboard in Plaza and hit settings on there.

I personally don’t see the need to constantly change visibility options for the name tags, but that is a quicker approach than the pause menu.

I can look into adding a keybind since it’s not all that difficult to add.