Key Lime Cove recovery project!

Have you lived in the Chicagoland area? Do you know about the physically embodiment of nirvana as a child known only as Key lime cove? Well good! because I intend to be the first party to recreate the now defunct waterpark resort and I need your help! Surprisingly there are not a lot of photos of the inside of this resort online, and I come asking if you have ever taken a trip to key lime cove and have photos of your trip there that you send them my way so I can use them as references for my build. I recommend blurring people out or just using an Ms paint brush on them for privacy but anything helps, Most important areas without photos right now are the riptide reef arcade and the arts and crafts area. I will make sure to publish the finished works when it is done

here is our work so far


Never heard of it, as I’m not from Illinois, but according to Wikipedia, the place is actually still open, just with a different theme.

Great Wolf Lodge (Gurnee, Illinois) - Wikipedia

Edit: Also, I was expecting this place to be older. It only opened 14-ish years ago

I do know about the revamp, Ive been inside the building since great wolf took it over, it was a major revamp of the entire indoors so I can’t really use anything current to help me besides the physical building itself :frowning:

Oh, yeah, I figured that. I just more meant that you sounded like you were bummed that this place was closed and were memorializing it in Tower, so I was just pointing out that its not closed. But who knows, I’m probably just reading WAAAAY too much into this. lol