Key binding for quickly refreshing inventory


I find it really annoying having to go into the inventory menu to refresh the inventory every time you buy something from Tower Express, so I think this would be a really convenient addition.



You only have to enter the escape menu, though? 2 button clicks.

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Like I said, I find it really annoying and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who does.




I think it’d just make more sense to automatically refresh the inventory after a purchase is made but i dunno if that’s possible so a hotkey would be nice I guess

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Sorry, a key bind shouldn’t be made. I get that you can spam the pause menu, but refreshing your inventory shouldn’t be a function that can be easily spammed and making it a hot key will only make it worse.

However, I believe there is a way we can automatically trigger a refresh of your inventory after making a purchase on express.



A downside of having a keybind to refresh your inventory is the ability to pause buffer in ballrace to bypass kill walls. This was a problem until pressing escape didn’t freeze the game, but it still happens when opening the inventory