[Kart] Oversteer while Drifting over Boost Pad

Pretty much title, if you’re trying to drift and you’re countersteering in the slide (say, pushing D in a left-ward drift), and you go over a Boost Pad you end up getting Oversteer as if you’re pushing the key in the direction of the drift.

Every time I’ve had this happen I’ve ended up on the inside wall facing 90 degrees from the track, making it very difficult to get going again.


Thanks for the report!

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I don’t like necroing old threads, but I would rather reply here than start a new one. This is still a big issue with drift countersteering, and it applies to every kind of boost. Whether you use a melon, hit a boost pad/boost circle, or try it during a drift boost, it seems as though you have full control when boosting in a drift rather than limited drift-like controls.
This is very apparent in Wishy-Washy Waterfall, because if you try to countersteer in a drift through the boost rings you careen to the left wildly, as though you were never drifting to begin with. I would attach a video or some kind of diagram, but this is easy enough to reproduce.