Kart not loading in customization screen | Boosting sound at start of race really loud

Just some things that I’ve noticed in the 2 rounds that I’ve played:

-The Kart won’t load in the customization screen for me

-The boosting sound at the beginning of a race is really loud and clipping
(Not really sure if I have some sound settings set wrong, but I included it anyway, since it seems weird that only that one sound is really loud and everything else is fine)

Video showing it :


That’s interesting about the kart. Do you have low detail/distance setting on?

Same here. Boosting earrape seems to be louder when there’s more players. So in a full lobby, prepare your eardrums.

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I did have detail on low:

but even after increasing it to medium the issue is still there

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I have mine on ultra, it doesn’t show. Probably doesn’t show on any of them if I’d guess

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I get the feeling this is caused by the boost sound not being played locally, so for every player in the race the sound is played but it is also heard by the other players, so they all stack up and it ends up being really loud.

For the boost sound issue, we have the boost sounds being played on each kart (because you want to hear that when someone else boosts), but there was no concurrency setting on the sound so it would play up to 10 boost sounds all at once, instead of just 1 or 2.

+1 race start earrape

I’ve also have the cart refusing to load in the customization screen. I tend to keep most my graphics settings in the mid-to-high range.