Kalleira should wander around the lobby

Every 15 or so minutes, Kalleira should change locations, just like GMT lobby 2’s wandering merchant.

Absolutely. I can see someone arguing that this is annoying, but you visit her so rarely and it’s (IMO) really fun to search around for a wandering merchant and makes the purchase feel rewarding. I’d love this to come back.


Yeah, especially since she doesn’t sell important items like the jetpacks but more cool obscure items you work for.


This is inevitably going to clog up the chat with “Where is the Stray” messages every 30 seconds or so, as much as I like this idea. Still voted because a wandering merchant is something I’d love to see.


no but see that’s the fun of it
an announcement in chat saying “The Stray has moved” would be a bit helpful

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auto ban anyone who says
“where is stray?”


auto redirect messages that have “where” and “stray” to local chat


This might work. Warframe does this when “Where” and “Baro” are in the same sentence with one of the merchants, giving his time of arrival.


are you serious? that’s amazing

They also do the same thing with the locations of items and resources, which could also be implemented into TU.

For example, “where” and “jetpack” would respond with Rob’s, or “where” and “realtor” would respond with Sweet Suites.


Yes please. Having a little thing pop up rather than forcing people to type in chat every few minutes when someone asks :stuck_out_tongue:

obviously the “where stray” messages wouldn’t actually tell you where she is, it would just redirect your message to local chat so that you’re only asking the people in your plaza where she is, rather than everyone in the game where people may have her in different spots

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If this comes to life, just remember that the Lighthouse info text needs to be changed because “I wonder what that cat is doing up here anyways?” will be I n a c c u r a t e

to be honest i had no idea such a phrase was in the game anyway.
plus you could still keep it or change it, as the lighthouse could be one of the spots the stray would move to. as i think the spots that the stray move to, should have some easy way to refer to them, etc “outside X” or “the lighthouse” things like that