Kalleira mod for A Hat in Time

I made a workshop for the game “A Hat in Time” which allows you to play as the Tower Unite’s stray cat, Kalleira!


  • This is a cosmetic change which does not change gameplay (it might disable achievements).
  • Hats and weapons are supported. Not all hats fit correctly but some hats do work really well.
  • Single mesh and faces. Don’t know how to script changing expressions. Dyes and all costumes don’t work.
  • Still uses Hat Kid’s voice.
  • Kalleira’s Wand is planned as a weapon skin.
  • Kallarry sticker is a maybe.
  • Localization name/icon is missing when using Player Select HUD mod.

Download and how to use:

  1. Have A Hat in Time on steam
  2. Install the workshop mod here.
  3. Launch and check in-game settings if Mods are not disabled.
  4. Go to the hub and look for Kalleira against of the window to the left of the Yellow DLC TV.
  5. Talk to Kalleira to swap back/forth models.

Optional: Player Select mod by Jazzrabbit
This workshop mod adds a device in the Hub where you can also switch to Kalleira.



I need it. Please feel free to post the mod. Just make sure you give us credit in the description!


She fits so well within the Hat in Time world! It feels like she’s supposed to be here! Very cool

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Mod is now on the Steam workshop page. Thank you!