Kads Inc.'s: Grim Game Gala

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Welcome to the grandeur of Grim Game Gala, an immersive social deduction experience set in a lavish beachside villa from the '80s-'90s era. Brought to you by Kads Inc., this game introduces an intriguing twist – a partnership with the underworld, where contestants gain temporary immortality in exchange for a sinister deal with dark forces.

:rocket: How to Play:

  • Gather a minimum of 4 players to start the game, with a maximum player count of 8.
  • Step onto the plates in the pre-game lobby and check on the wall that the “Players on plates” counter shows the correct value.
  • If the number is incorrect, step off from all the plates and step back on it one-by-one.
  • When the “players on plates” counter matches your player count, start the game with the button provided on Player 1’s podium.

:man_detective: Roles:

  • Play as a Civilian, Detective, or Criminal.
  • Civilians investigate hidden clues to unveil the secrets of the villa and potentially escape.
  • Detectives always spawn on the balcony, and wield ranged weapons to protect civilians and unveil the identity of the Criminal.
  • Criminals, armed with melee weapons, aim to eliminate civilians without being caught.

:jigsaw:Clues and Player number:

Players Detective Criminal Civilian Clues
4 1 1 2 4
5 1 1 3 6
6 1 1 4 8
7 1 1 5 10
8 1 2 5 12
  • With 8 players the two Criminals can see each other in the role assignment box, look around to see your teammate in their own box.
  • Collected clues are tracked above the display hanging above the villa which can be checked anytime during the game or through the various spectator room tools.

:joystick: Interactive Elements:

  • Explore the villa to discover interactive items and secret routes that could turn the tide of the game.
  • If something can be interacted with E, it most likely holds a clue or could turn the tides of the game!

:busts_in_silhouette: Player Interaction:

  • Voice chat is highly recommended for effective communication.
  • Dead players stay silent, enhancing the mystery and tension. This means no text or voice chat to help those currently in-game!

:wrench:Settings for Fair play:

  • Adjust audio settings to maintain an element of surprise. (Certain world elements and weapons are notably noisy, aiming for a good balance of mystery and the ability to hear things if it’s quiet without information being heard across the villa. We recommend anywhere between 5 and 10 percent in effects volume.)
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  • Suggested hotbar setup for the game:
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  • Whilst any melee and ranged weapon will work, the easiest two to obtain will be the rubber mallet from the arcade. Usually, one game of Coin River will give you enough tickets to obtain this. For a ranged weapon we recommend the crossbow which can be obtained at 100,000xp in Minigames

:skull: Grim Game Finale:

  • When only 1 Civilian, 1 Criminal, and 1 clue remain, enter the intense Grim Game Finale! The villa’s lights will dim into red, and a suspenseful countdown starts.
  • The Criminal has 2 minutes to find the last civilian, or face defeat. Civilians, get creative and attempt survival by outwitting the Criminal for your chance to be spared!

:golf: Round Over:

  • Once one of the game objectives have been met, a gong noise will be heard and everyone will be teleported back to the lobby. The game results will be displayed in the center and you can promptly begin the next game when you’re ready.

:heavy_check_mark: Fair play commitment:

  • Grim Game Gala is an exercise in player trust, not only towards yourself but towards each other. A lot of the rules and restrictions in place cant be enforced at game level yet, therefore we expect players to follow these simple instructions to maintain good faith and fair play. Have fun!

:exclamation: Known Issues:

  • In the pre-game lobby, the player count pads sometimes break when multiple people step on them at the same time. Workaround: Everyone should step off and step on again one-by-one.
  • People disconnecting mid-game will break the game logic, leaving the Criminal alone with not enough Civilians to kill. Workaround: There is a button for stopping the current game in the spectator room.

:bug:Reporting Bugs:

  • Please post found bugs in the Pixel Tail Forums thread.

Dive into the shadows, uncover the secrets, and survive the Grim Game Gala – where reality and the supernatural collide in a gripping social deduction spectacle!