Just voted PixelTail Games for the Best Developer award for Steam Awards!

I encourage everyone to do the same! (or vote PixelTail Games for another award)



Im gonna do pixeltail games aswell, i hope they can win.

You hope too much

but yeah I voted for them too

Same here

Same here x2

I can’t choose Best Developer from mobile for some reason…

Because you’re on a game page. You gotta go to the steam awards page and you can choose a developer from there

Gonna dOOoOo it
Update: I dIiiiiiiiIIId it

haha good one

I did it too

i will be surprised if we win
if we even have a chance to, we will need to have the whole community to do it




Just voted Tower Unite for the “Game of the Year” award! Should we try to give Tower Unite the Game of the Year award?

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It’ll never happen. Communitys too small. There are vastly more popular games that’ll probably have thousands of people voting for them


I’d reserve GOTY for when TU releases. Except if there’ll be an “Early Access/WIP of the Year” award, I couldn’t think of any better candidate. Backed by this, I hope PixelTail makes it into the nominations for best developers. The most honest of my votes this year.

Good point… GOD DAMNIT

brb lemme make 500 accounts

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