Just how much CAN we build?

I’m working on a pretty large theater build. It’s got a huge narrative element with the NPCs. Many custom canvases and Steam Workshop items, etc. So far, everything runs smoothly. People can join in, run around and use the teleporters.

Several elements of the build are spread out within the entire world’s box.

How much can we fill this box with, before it’s too much for the game to handle? I feel like I’m just getting started and I love expanding upon the theater.

Is this something that depends on my computer, the server, or what?

Any help with this info is appreciated!

You have nothing to worry about. Especially if the game continues to be optimized (which it really needs lets be honest furniture lag is really bad rn) but it’s nothing major. You may experience frame drops but nothing else, really

I’m pretty sure there’s a limit of 20,000 items placed or something like that, I heard someone say that.

Do also keep in mind the more custom items you place, the longer it will take to load for people joining your condo. Sometimes people will join a condo and try running around before anything is loaded and they end up crashing. It really can make lower end pcs struggle. (especially low end cpus)

This is especially noticeable on big smooth dirt builds, with tons of workshop items placed everywhere.
But since you are using theater, unless you somehow fill every square inch with stuff like crazy I wouldn’t worry too much about it.