Just got this bad boy

I spent 20 minutes on one stage, lost half of my reward spending it on another level and losing, had to spend more of my reward so I can play the stage again, and I finally got it.
Big oof
As a side note I have no idea why I created this thread :woman_shrugging:

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what is this
i dont understand


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Oh nice, you bought Apple?

why does nobody recognize battle cats

The hell is battle cats?

One of my favorite games to play on the phone

  • You get cats out of capsules

  • You let the cats battle opponents to death

  • Repeat until you run out of energy (charges once every minute)

Yeah and I just destroyed the crap out of reds, it payed off

what is this language

Just looked it up. Looks kinda boring (definitely wouldn’t call it one of the only good mobile games. can think of many other that deserve that title) but I’ll probably give it a download later and see what it’s like. Been looking for some more good mobile games anyway.

2013 bass boosted MLG air horn language

Cool, nearly everything gets unlocked after the first chapter of the game, also, I do agree on the “not the best” because all the pretty decent games are locked into obscurity from Indian man quan’s Dab Bottle Jumper for the windows phone

I have no idea what you just said. Lol

Basically, the dumbest games are the only ones you can find without some searching

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Ah, yeah, very true. That’s why I’m so glad that Google play has a recommended section. It’s really the only way I find games I like

Here on apple, my recommendations are irrelevant memes that were popular about 2 years ago, I am not kidding.

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I had battlecats before, it got boring after like 2 weeks

Just checked the game out. I’ll definitely keep it for now but I can see this getting boring pretty quickly and it’s nowhere even close to being one of the best mobile games. It’s slightly above average at best.