Just came across this amazing condo


All credits to @mattio for making this awesome condo!


Holy fuck. That’s incredible.

Nice video! Now we just need the creator to finish up this masterpiece and post a topic here on the forums so he can get proper recognition!

Wow, this has to be one of best condos I have ever seen

That’s amazing! I can’t even imagine how long it took to build that place!

This condo really makes me want an entire set of futuristic furniture items, as well as a futuristic condo to go with the furniture.

Nice video! Thanks guys, there’s even still the shuttle bay and living quarters that wasn’t shown in the video too.
I keep meaning to post my creations but I end up building a big giant new thing all the time >.< Still more to go on this build yet too :wink:


“When you have too much money…” - more like when you have just enough money. This is what Units are for.

LMAO, that notice at 1:49.
@Bumpy226, nice video as usual! @Mattio, awesome build!

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I’m probably gonna end up saying this again, but this is the most awesome condo I have seen in TU.

I saw the title and somehow knew it was Mattio’s haha. Even more amazing than the last time I saw it.

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Great work Mattio! Looks insane :smiley:

It’s an amazing creation, that’s for sure. I’m always in awe of Mattio’s projects :slight_smile: - the glass floor of this place is a wondrous thing but it’s a great place to explore and admire. The docking bay area is also incredible!