Jumping puzzles

Jumping puzzles. Basically hidden puzzles around the world in which you have to do some jumping, maybe solve some puzzles on the way and then you get a treasure at the end of this jumping puzzle.
The jumping in itself can sometimes also be a puzzle along the lines of: “Wait, how do I get up there? To which block do I have to jump now, to reach that.”

The cool thing with these would be, that they can be very different in terms of gameplay and complexity.
These jumping puzzles could be more jumping and less puzzles - or more puzzles and less jumping - or whatever, there’s no strict rule set for these. They are basically just hidden minigames around the world.

And they can be hidden in a way, so it doesn’t take away from the actual experience when walking around the plaza.

For example, you could hide a small button in one of the water pools in the plaza, which then opens a secret door in some wall for a short amount of time - If you run there in time, you get to play a secret jumping puzzle.
Or let’s say there’s a button on a fountain in the middle of the plaza, which causes the fountain to shoot water. The water shoots you up onto a cloud and then up there you have to jump from cloud to cloud - Stuff like that, y’know.

I would really like to see something like this in Tower Unite, since it is also a way to add some more secrets and depth to the plaza - And the developers would have a lot of freedom with designing this sort of stuff.

The idea came to me because of Guild Wars 2 - They have hidden jumping puzzles throughout the whole map and it is a really nice addition in my opinion.

Here’s a little example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maKi8YdDatg&t=50s

Those are the better ones IMO. The real simple ones where it’s just jumping to the next platform feel a bit like stair climbing and are only fun if there’s at least a few jumps you’re not guaranteed to make and the environment is nice like in Spelunker’s Delve. But when the puzzle aspect actually is there, things get interesting. “This jump doesn’t look doable but that other platform is suspiciously close to it, can I reach that instead? Oh, maybe I can jump on top of that barrel next to me and reach that beam in the wall! Now I can easily reach the platform.”


I think this would be a great addition during the Ocean Expansion. Having these puzzles also be in ‘No-Jetpack’ zones would be great.


I love this idea and would really enjoy this being added. I also love the jumping puzzles in GW2 and I used to play a bit of KZ back in the CS:S days which will probably closer to what it would be like in Tower Unite. Jumping puzzles would be a neat edition to the game!


Yes, that’s what I thought aswell.
Movement abilities like the jetpack should be disabled to prevent cheating in these areas.