Jump animations/taunt animations

You can purchase different jump animations. For example a normal jump, a Mario hop, jumping with your hands and legs straight down and together like a pogostick. You would be able to equip different jumps. In gmt you can do laugh, suicide, wave, etc. I think it would be cool if you could pre record a laugh and every time you do the laugh animation it would replay your laugh. Even with the wave you could record yourself saying hello. Idk I’m bored this ideas are in my head


Purchasable animations? That’s actually an idea I like. It would certainly give a variety to the movement around plaza whilst also giving players another thing to save up for and use to express themselves. As for recorded sound clips, I’m not so sure about that. While it would be cool, there’s already going to be an in-game voice feature, so I don’t really think it’s necessary. Though, to be fair, it would be coupled with gestures, so I guess it’s not completely irrelevant. There’s obviously the problem with mature content which can always go under the same system that posters are going under. I’d honestly just reuse your animation variety idea with voice packs. Maybe make some voice clips that can be bought in-game and just choose which one you want to bind to the gesture (or unbind it and leave it silent, if you so wish).

In short, I’d like to see purchasable animations for the variety and added use for Units, but I’m not completely sure about the voice clips.


I’d love to see some walk/idle animations you could buy, some silly, some more realistic.
Angry/Sad/Happy, etc. Then dumb, funny things like moonwalking everywhere or breakdancing on the spot.


Just came into my head right now.

Idly thrusting your hips

PixelTail team, please make it happen.

yay i came up with a decent idea!!!

Jumping animations? What is this, payday 2? You crazy.

Silliness aside, I think this would be a nice little addition. Gives a little variety.

Jumping animations only purchasable with real money that give you a decently sized GMT earn rate.

I would love more animations myself. Especially if I can get a good ol’ Gmod Mingebag animation (or lack of)

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you do realize they said no micro transactions right? just $15 dollars for the base game and that’s it

I believe they were making a joke over the fact that PAYDAY 2 recently introduced microtransactions.

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Correct. And stat boosting ones at that. Thought Arctiq was most likely referencing to the fact that they finally added jumping animations after 2 years for the end of CRIMEFEST 2015.

But to be fair I don’t really believe ANY developer that there wont be micro-transactions because that is exactly what Overkill said about PAYDAY 2. Really liked that game too…

We are never going to have microtransactions. Ever.

This position will never change as long as I am around. I absolutely hate micro transactions and paid for DLC.

The video game industry continues to shit on its consumers with micro transactions.


i know … im not even sure where the idea of micro transactions came from in my sugestion… im saying units not real life money.

you mean like playstationhome ?


We don’t have any plans to make tons of taunts at this time. We’re focused on making a solid game first. It’s a neat idea, sure, but it’ll be a long long time before we do any of that. We don’t plan on wasting our fixed budget on mocap.