Juke box in bowling

so there is music why we play


So there’s music. Why do we play?

But anyway, some sort of song or ambiance has been suggested before, and I thought internet radio streams would be really cool, like we had in GMT for the casino and the Party Condo, that way we can put on classic 70’s rock and have a true bowling experience.


Sorry I typed this in my phone I meant to say so there is music while we play but like a juke box that people can suggest songs using like sound cloud

Will is already working on music for the bowling alley.


while dedicated music is nice, i like the idea of a media player even more. soundcloud is already supported on other media players. all it would take is adding one to the alley. if you turn the jukebox off (only affects you), then it would play default music.

I’d quite like this if they implemeted the old jukebox/radio from GMT.


If this gets in game the first thing i’m doing is putting in 7 what’s new pussycat’s, followed by one it’s not unusual, and then 2 more what’s new pussycat’s

That’s cool, as long as you don’t do a standup routine about how you did it.

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Aaaaaaand it’s exactly that kind of abuse that prevents stuff like this from coming.

Also, soundcloud support is broken. Most of the reason why the Nightclub progress came to a halt.