Joy-to-Key on Accelerate?

After playing in my public Accelerate server (all alone), I found the problem for playing this game mode: The controls on the keyboard fell a little awkward while driving on the race track.

I keep messing up my drifting control over and over again by letting go the spacebar with my left thumb on purpose.

Is there a Joy-to-Key for this?

I’m pretty sure you can just plug in a controller and it’ll work in Accelerate

I have a SN30 pro+ controller for the Nintendo Switch and PCs. I also have an 8bitdo Wireless Adapter as well, and I have 2 applications on my Steam library.

Are those controllers that Steam recognizes in the Big Picture controller settings? If so you should be able to configure it that way.

If I recall correctly, Steam has native Switch Pro controller support, so that should work.

Steam does have native Switch Pro support, but the 8BitDo controller might have to use the generic option. Not sure though.

You can make your own J2K or Xpadder preset for it sure!