Journalist Combo Duration?


On Zombie Massacre, upgrading the Combo Power Duration on the Journalist doesn’t seem to do anything. If it does something, I’d like to know what, and if it doesn’t, I suggest that you make it do something. I’m just bringing attention to this, and I do understand that it’s in beta. Thanks! :wink:


Moved to Beta Suggestions, since it’s a more appropriate spot for this.


By the way, the combo power duration on every class (pretty sure) doesen’t affect the timer down the bottom of the screen. Also, you can earn your combo power back if you kill enough zombies with the extended combo power time


I’m aware of the combo duration bugs, however, I’m planning on changing the combo duration completely. I’m gonna remove combo duration as an upgrade, add combo cooldown, and add combo cooldown as something you can upgrade to decrease the cooldown limits. That way Journalist has a point to this upgrade and the upgrade itself doesn’t lead to complete domination of the game.