Jobs and job related minigames

A friend and I thought that jobs where you can go to a store or a place of work and perform your tasks you would see in that job. It could have like minigames of sorts where you do the job.

Can’t you just play Job Simulator? I don’t think a minigame where you work would be fun, unless cool things happened.


This could be fun, if it was implemented right.

For example, Playstation Home had a hub world where you could either serve your friends at a bar or be the customer ordering the drinks. It is technically considered a job, but it was a fun minigame to play for both people. Community-centric job minigames like this would be fun, but not for every job (especially if it limits how quickly players can buy items).

Another example are the job minigames from the game Thrillville Off The Rails. In that game, you take the role of a theme park manager whose job is to manage the park, play the games, and talk to people. One of the minigames you can play involves the food/drink/hat/balloon stalls you can construct. When starting that minigame, you play a Puzzle Bobble-esque game where the bubbles at the top are replaced with items that relate to that store. Singleplayer job minigames like this are great for just about every job, especially if they don’t limit gameplay and are just optional little minigames to play whenever.

Like I said, these can be fun. They don't need to be limiting or boring in any way.