Jetpacks/Wings with Stationary/Hovering fly mode

Let’s call this the stationary fly-mode, or hovering, whatever you like.
My suggestion is to have a feature that allows you to stay in mid-air with your jetpack or your wings in a stationary flight when you press “Alt” (for example, as Alt has no uses while in mid-air)

As long as you hold Alt, you’re staying in mid-air, floating, watching your wings flapping, or your jetpack burning it’s fuel forever.

And i’m not sure if that’s gonna be taken, but having a toggle for this mode would be super cool, so you can write in chat or make non-looping emotes while in mid-air.

It seems to be a very good idea, and possibly some help like this example.

Especially where you’re into a condo you do not own, you obviously can’t noclip.
If something or a place you like is kind of difficult to reach to take a screenshot for example, that would be some great help to hover around and get THAT screenshot you wanted so much.

How about all of this?

Having a toggle would be ideal. This would be perfect for condo building and taking screenshots.

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We already have noclip for screenshotting our own condos, but yeah if other people wants to do it, that’s a good feature.


combine with Condo I/O for advanced mapping and game-creation options. Especially if we get the ability to have walls and such that move in a repeating cycle.

you have to fly through the obstacle course, following the clues from the NPCs, and hit the right buttons in the right order to open the door to get to the secret room where all the -p-o-n-i-e-s- beer and sports are.


Hello, i would like to renew this, and give it hope to be seen more, it’s been a year, it needs more feedback i think. :slight_smile:

Hell yeah. I missed this the first time around. This would be amazing. I’ve always thought that it sucked that you can’t hover.

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