Jetpack Tools/Variations

It would be nice to have a customisation aspect for your jetpacks that change things such as: sounds, speed, trails, looks etc.
If that would be too much to ask for, new seperate jetpack entities could be cool such as a hover board, wings, witches broomstick, a superhero esque fly feature, or even something as simple as different looking jetpacks loke having a Loony Tunes inspired ACME rocket strapped to your back, all ranging from different prices, or perhaps even a future drop from Catsacks, such as Gold or even Cosmic.

Since having jetpacks is one of the key items, seeing that black jetpack with the blue trail and that “PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF” sound, it would be nice for some variety.



I’m gonna take a wild guess you play Rocket League lol. On subject, I would love to see all of that as well.

I wasnt just talking about trails :^)

neither were the people in that thread i linked.

But its OP was, this post is different, while stemming off on a similar topic