This game was fairly recent, and guess what? Foohy made this!
Here is a link to the workshop items:


I tried it a bit last night, it was silly but fun. If you peek at the trailer, you’ll find a few more familiar faces associated with the mod.


damn the battlebus is crazy for this one


You could say it’s pretty…

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Loading in for the first time now, anyone want to join? my steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/jinkothebear/ Just friend me!

Also the cats looks like the traveling cat

I’d love to but I’m in the middle of redownloading all the compatible games.

thanks, i understand!

I’m not sure if there’s drama or something but, the 3 past-TU devs, Foohy, Matt and Wergulz, what happened to them? Why are they back in gmod? School/Work? Wanted to move on?

Ya know, I hadn’t even realized until now that they aren’t listed on the website or trello anymore. Huh. If it was mutual, you’d think they would’ve said something. You may be right.

EDIT: Although, Zak, Ry, and James are involved in the development of Jazztronauts, so who knows.

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Man, the premise sounds really great. Can’t wait to try the gamemode out.

On the one hand, I sorta want to know what’s going on, on the other, I think that if there was something we needed to know about, they would have already told us.

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I’ve kind of lost track, so I don’t know what Ry or James you’re talking about, but Zak’s gone from the Meet Pixeltail Games thread and the trello as well. In addition, there are 4 devs who “recently joined in 2018”, according to the former. Finally, as of late, the devs have seemingly started to focus more on what the community wants (examples would be the recent survey or the inclusion of Workshop in the “Summer” update). This is getting interesting.

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Ry is Mr Sunabouzu and James is krionikal.


Played it a ton and beat NG+, really love it.
Kind of sad to find out the devs that left TU worked on it as honestly it’s noticeable from the design.

Makes me kind of wish part of the design of the band and the hub was used in TU, but what can you do.
Hope they had fun making it regardless.

Miss them already tbh.


So, I’ve tried it out and I gotta say, I really like it. Exploring random Gmod maps is, at least when playing solo, both a calm and exciting experience. You never know what you’re going to find.
Also, the intro was amazing.