Japanese teahouse

So yeah, this was how it all went down to I should had a teahouse in my condo, making the roof took its sweet time but I think I did it well damn good job of making it realistic as much as possible.


This is Beautiful! :raising_hand::raised_hands:
A job well done, Jesus!

As always, you never fail to amaze me, Jesusfreak. Keep up this outstanding work!

Stop making all these amazing things, it makes me feel bad about my shit condo. Just kidding, I like what you did with this, keep up the great work.

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I am useless in comparison, the stuff you make is seriously incredible.

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AMAZING! I love it!

Wow! Really well done!

All I have in my condo is… my condo… :cry:

you are our Tower Unite condo Jesus!

Honestly how do you make all the walls so perfect and symmetric?
And when do you open your condo?

He opened it plenty of times already, I was there three times so far. Usually it’s open at around afternoon time in Europe.
And for making everything so exact, I guess he uses some very round object to place the stuff on, like a globe or any other item with a huge variety of surfaces.

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Damn, you sir deserve a medal for taking the time to make all of this (And Earn all the money to do so)


senpai notice me