Janitor Minigame

I was thinking maybe a sort of cleaning minigame reminiscent of viscera cleanup detail, where you clean up a portion of that plaza, and you get paid Units based on how well you did, the level of effort dictating how much you can earn, this gives a lot of room for fun stuff the devs can think of, maybe even including the shops I.E repairing a computer monitor in the central circut, or things like refilling food and water for the pets in the toy shop c:

I wouldn’t want this in the plaza. Why have a virtual island paradise if you’re going to toss trash around it, even under the guise of a game? Getting paid units to be a janitor or maintenance man is a job first, game second, if at all. Even Viscera Cleanup Detail gets tedious pretty fast.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I participate in minigames because they’re fun, not for the units. I play to get away from work.


Ok, fair enough, but different people find different things fun. Job simulators are some of my favorite games. Viscera Cleanup Detail, House Flipper, PC Building Simulator, Cooking Simulator. I personally would love to see this happen.


Viscera Cleanup Detail: Booze Bash


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy job sim games (150 hours in House Flipper whoops) but that is the sole purpose of those games. A mini game every hour or so could be tedious I feel.

Barring any opinion towards whether it’s fun or not, I still rest that it’s not really in the spirit of the game to cover the place in litter. Maybe in the future we can have triggerable minigames within our condos like that, but for the plaza; it’s a no from me dog.

Some of the appeal of VCD is it’s not a regular janitor job. The messes you clean up are basically hollywood set pieces and you can optionally play detective in your report. Not to forget that just like Portal 2, you can play it coop and accidentally your friends in hilarious ways.

It might work in TU but only if you make it tell a story in some way, like in VCD:

  • Evil catsacks have partied and recklessly left behind a mess! Clean it up to find clues to their location so you can bring them to justice. (Finishing the event leads you to a catsack lootdrop. Nothing speaks justice like opening up criminals and claiming their internals.)
  • We don’t know what happened here but there’s strange machinery just all over everything. Collect it, assemble it and don’t find it’s a crashed UFO you can decorate your condo with or just sell for units because if you found that, there’d be knocking on a door that officially never existed on your house that was sadly caught in a recent wildfire.
  • Rob here! See this stuff all over the floor? That was my inventory! If you bring it to my shop and sort it back in I’ll give you a discount until this event cools down and you can do it all over again! Or not! More profit for me!

Dude, I love all three of those ideas and now, I want this to happen even more.

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For more context, I meant it to be like a thing you initialize, not something that is in the plaza minigame cycle, you can invite friends to help you, and your pay gets split up between the two, other than that, the plaza is empty of players, maybe it can be spiced up with having to catch things, or the like

this reminds me of the janitor minigame in ThrillVille

I love VCD, so I’m in favor of something similar with a TU twist.