I've played the long hallway GMT map... ... ... screw you guys

So yeah, yesterday, I’ve played a zombie survival server. We voted random map, and it picked the long hallway GMT map. No idea why they had it on the server, but it was there.
The spawn was a large room with the gmt logo and the words “beta”. From it led one long hallway. On the end of it, there was a door. But before you’ve reached the door, you’ve fallen through the floor. It thrown you into a room with walls made of pictures of someone’s face and a 9 y/o showing the middle finger, and two large pictures of someone’s butthole. The floor was made of an error texture.
I suppose it was a joke map, made to kill the anticipation for the real thing, before GMT released.
No pictures sadly.


So the mystery is solved.

fyi the map’s probably located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\download\maps if you’re willing to share it with interested parties (not me personally, but interested parties)

Uh… that’s a different map…
the one on I’ve played was much shorter, had a staircase and generaly looked different
EDIT: that video actually explains itself in the disclaimer
(when I get home, I’ll take some screenshots of the map, it should be saved in my files)

Wow. Some of the comments on that video surprise me. I didn’t know some people so vehemently hated GMT. No one bothers to explain why, of course. How the hell did it “ruin GMod”? I must have missed some drama somewhere.

“it is more popular than my darkrp server ::^^^(((((((”


from lobby 1 to lobby 2? lots of people liked lobby 1 more (including me) and say that lobby 2 ruined it


No, just the existence of GMT in general (note that most of the comments on there are from around 4-5 years ago)

It had 2 gamemodes (Ball Race and PVP), only 30 (eventually 128 with insane lag) player slots and everyone who was anyone was trying to join into it, and everyone thought we were “circlejerking” ourselves. Even Garry said that at one point as a joke. However Garry has said it was “pretty insane” in an interview once ( http://www.gatheryourparty.com/2012/05/28/interview-garry-newman ).

Now Pixeltail Games is being called BS on for coming up with Tower Unite at all:
“But gmtower is free and i no has monez to buy tower unite so pls keep gmt :((((((((”
“ffs they will literally shut down gmtower for their shitty money milking machine 2000, screw you guys”

this is just sad and hilarious at the same time.

And this comment, oh boy. It’s pure gold

He deleted all his other comments. In another one he said “nah, never actually played gmod tower. too much shit to download”
lol, never played it, cares about it being shut down

"Uh my gud why yur shutting gmt u want money and u dont care Garrys mod iz 7 euros why is this 15!!! U very mean why not update gmt instead with the new thingz??? It can handle it!!1 Im programing derkrp and i knolw garrys mod is powerful enoug!!!11! Why not freetoplay!!! Ive played gmt for ten minutz u ruinin muh progress!!!1!1


People are allowed to have opinions.

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That comment was pretty rude, I’m sorry.

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And we’re allowed to bash their shitty opinions

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I love both, however I really liked the enclosed aspect of lobby 1, It felt more “welcoming” if that makes sense

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The fact that everything was actually in a Tower made more sense.

Lobby 2 is nice don’t get me wrong but the only thing that is in the tower anymore is the condo lobby - the condos themselves are just a random island with no tower in sight.

Edit: Sorry for bumping this, I didn’t realise the last post was 4 months ago as I just checked my unread tab.

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there has been said that the condo is a simulation, but that’s… uh
well it works but…