It's a Sunday Night


Missing halloween. sob


it went so fast, like where’d u go?


It was horribly underwhelming on my side


Same here :frowning: I had plans but they didn’t happen because of fiat currency.



I needed more spooky dough.



Actually, it’s Monday today.


Where the heck are you? The duration of my Sunday still hasn’t ended, pfft


AEDT (AEST), which is coincidentally the best time zone due to experiencing most events before the rest of the western world.


But Mondays are inherently bad so you get to experience the worst events first as well? Sounds like a double-edged sword. Wow, your timezone’s really edgy.


Nah, what’s edgy is that we didn’t warn america about 9/11 for two months - because spoilers y’know?

edit: i deleted this originally as i thought i messed up how dates work, but i’m just a big dumb dumb.

don’t read the blurred text if you’re sensitive towards the twin towers tragedy.


the EDGE is 5 real 7 me.

vry shrp

and dw, i don’t need any disclaimers. i’m a hardcore edge lord too.


wow you just gained like six cool points gj


woah, there’s a point system on the forums? what rank am i at and who’s at the top of the leaderboard?


also, “woah” gets the squiggly red line underneath it. it has me questioning words i spelt correctly. ironically “spelt” is apparently ‘spelt’ wrong too. ffs tu.


nah it’s a personal scoreboard and i’m the only cool operator - fucking hell this is off topic, even if it’s in off topic - as such only i’m the only one who can add cool points.

i guess you’re like rank 25 out of 24 so good luck.

Wait, the forums has spell check? Since when?


Fuck, I thought I had a chance to finally be cool. ):

Rip self-esteem

and off topic is my specialty. i can effing go there mate.

btw, who the hell are the other 23 people? ):

and yes, there’s a lot of red squiggly lines but I’M sPelLiNg liKe a champ, i swear.


my mum, dad, sister, other sister, the window behind my desk.

i can go on.


I’m behind a freaking window that’s behind a desk. How behind do I have to be in life for this to be my ultimate low?


well i mean the window is pretty cool i guess, it’s got like mold growing in the corner which is definitely a plus.


its monday
time to like do stuff probably you know
cus mondays the day people got to do stuff innit


I Hate Mondays…