Items "Valentines Chocolates" and "Cookies and Milk" not showing up for other players in Condo

I encountered a bug with my friend while hosting my condo where the “Valentines Chocolates” and “Cookies and Milk” items would not show up to them. Even spawning the items again would not make them show up, but they could jump on them when they weren’t visible.

The first picture is my friend’s perspective, while I’m crouching on a Valentines Chocolates midair and the second picture is from my perspective when I’m standing on it.


I remember giving a girl valentines chocolates and she too said she couldn’t see them

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I have the same problem as Fisna. My boyfriend has cookies and milk in his condo and I’ve never been able to see them. Makes me very sad ):
I don’t own the item myself, if that makes any difference.

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Thank you for the report! I have determined the cause and fixed the mentioned items for the next update.